Using the 3Calm System

30 Minutes

You need just 30 minutes and a quiet place to lie down.

Natural Soundtrack

Our natural soundtrack (wind, rain and surf) calms your nervous system and combats stress. 

Subcutaneous Nutrition

Our cream was designed by a leading neuroimmune specialist to provide nutrition that naturally promotes relaxation.

CES - Microcurrent

The gentle microcurrent encourages the brain to reorganize fixed patterns and develop new neuropathways.  CES increases the brain's ability to regulate nervous system chemical imbalances. 

Feel Better

The brain becomes accustomed to a better and natural ideal state free of unwarranted anxiety, pain or confusion.

The majority of patients in clinical trials experienced significant symptom anxiety relief, reduction in sleep deprivation and relief from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Just Try It

Why not try a safe, non-drug system to restore a calm, focused mind.  

You health depends on it.

An Integrative Approach


Two easily absorbed formulas of nonprescription 

vitamins, amino acids and

 neurotransmitter precursors.

Hospital Grade CES Technology

Our device has the exact technical specifications examined in 100+ 

scientific studies.

Audio Therapy

Studies show our audio may reduce 

your anxiety, reduce negative 

emotions and increase your ability 

to relax.